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Greg Jacbson

Greg Jacobson greg-1-682×1030#1 International Bestselling Author and Speaker Built a $100,000,000 Business With $0 of Start-Up Capital has taught hundreds of organizations and high-production individuals to achieve more, meet objectives faster, and become better team players. As a highly sought-after speaker, trainer and consultant, Greg’s experience and unique skill sets have realized stellar results for governments, NGOs, non-profits and some of the largest companies in the world. Greg is the perfect person to help your organization get the results needed to dramatically increase your effectiveness and efficiency.


Mark Donnan

Mark is the Charity Commercial Director of a local League Football Club, and supports working in the Community, sponsoring and financing 2 Children’s Football Teams in Hampton and Farnborough, and Sponsors a Meals on Wheels and Fundraising programmes for The Order of Malta in Lithuania.

Mark is the published author of 2 books, His first “How To” book in the Finance niche topped 13,000 copies in circulation, and helped changed the regulation of an entire industry. His second, in Internet Marketing remains available today on

Tom Hern


Professional career and business experiences as a controller includes a hands on working relationships with management, staff, customers and vendors with driven results in both small and large sales volume dealerships. Professional skills include a strong background in daily operations with completion of the daily accounting procedures with follow up reports to management.

Syd Micheal

Over two decades in the automotive industry from sales rep to general manager, Syd Michael knows sales. He is an automotive sales leader and has worked in over 35 markets across the US and trained hundreds of sales reps. Former publisher of Atlanta Cars Magazine Syd moved on to Syd found a successful marketing company; Spike Promotions, that serves the automotive industry helping dealers move thousands of cars using a strategic integrated system using direct mail.

Richie Bello

Honda Gold Master For 8 Years. Charlie Thomas Auto Group was part of a team that did Acquisition to Auto Nation. Apple Honda G.M & Consultant to Dealer Implementation BDC and Internet sales Initial Consultant for Professional Services. R. L.Polk, a 131 year old, privately held company, focuses on the transportation industry, as the premiere information cumulation gathered nationally from DMVs & self-surveys. Their primary business had been with all of the major manufacturers and our mission was to add services to the dealerships themselves.

Adam (Kamran Haider)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Adam – Kamran Haider, a technology enthusiast with a successful track record of building innovation in the domain of technology. His past experiences include Web Designer, Front End Developer, UI Designer, Interaction Designer, Web Developer, Full Stack Developer, Content Strategist, IT Technician, Dev Ops, Project Manager, SEO Specialist and E-mail Marketing Manager.

His forte is creating high performing teams with ‘Startup’ qualities. His responsibilities include providing leadership, make strategic decisions, establish mutual beneficial partnerships etc. Our distinctive vision evolves around maintaining focus on web standards, innovative frameworks, research based methodologies and unsurpassed practices. Instrumental in driving technology improvements, we have diligently invested in nurturing teams that are detail oriented and strong in convictions.