There’s a growing need in the world of education and children’s entertainment and Lilian’s Bookshelf is the answer. Our children are our future. We hear it all the time, but we have to take action. The internet is filling up with emptiness, and so are our nations parent’s schedules. Tablets, phones, and computers are in the faces of America’s youth more and more and the only way to fight it is by filling the space with proper entertainment and educational tools for our parents to click on during those moments of need.

The idea of Lilian’s Bookshelf came from two thought processes. One was watching children watch other children play with toys on Youtube and other strange videos like that I’ve noticed over the years. It was like witnessing the disappearance of reality. The other was my son who has dyslexia and his struggles in school and everyday life. I have four children of my own, and any time I opened up a book and started to read, I never lost their attention.

Lilian’s Bookshelf was an opportunity on a few fronts. We can help children with learning disabilities by opening them up to a world of visual experiences. Bring them into the book. Highlight the words and offer different voice experiences. This is a visual generation. This would take children like my son who would sit there frustrated and angry with dyslexia and welcome them into an entertaining, and educational experience. This wouldn’t only help children with dyslexia, but would span all learning disabilities and reading levels.