Automotive Career Night

Automotive Career & Veterans Night

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The goal of every earner is not just to make a buck, but to provide support to the industry they love. From when I was a child, I always loved the automotive industry.. When my older brother passed a Rolls Royce dealership, or a Volkswagen dealer, my heart started pumping and I had to know all about those vehicles. Then the exposure to the mechanics that worked on our cars, you know, the Enzos or Tonys that lived and loved to repair and take care at their local shop. I loved that. My father refused That’s what it takes for a kid with major disabilities to fight his way up to the top of the automotive industry and provide a platform for thousands of people in the automotive industry to carve out fortunes doing the one thing they love.
Richie Bello West Not For Profit
The goal of my not for profit is to be able to offer those career driven individuals who do not have the desire or the funding to attend expensive secondary education, a place to turn to with their love of automotive. Many of our students are veterans returning home looking for a career that makes sense for them and their families, men and women who are frustrated dealing day to day in a dead end job, and those men and women in the automotive industry that want the certification and the knowledge it takes to get to the top of the heap. With a recognized certification program, our students are received and supported with on going training and refreshers to position them for success.
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If you’re ready to step up and make the change in your life that will support your love of automotive and your financial dreams no matter where your future takes you. Come be a part of this special special evening funded by my not for profit. Come see why this is the right decision for your next career move. You see, we need you in the automotive industry, almost as much as you need us.
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 Join Me and My Team To Share The Road To Success and Change Your Life Forever
The first step is to click the link and register for an evening that will make your life’s journey one that will be lucrative, fun and feed your love of automotive. I’ll be there personally to share my experience and the programs that are available and affordable due to my not for profit status. 
Don’t Let Yourself Down - Knowledge Is Key - Certification is Gold
I look forward to seeing you on October 16th. Bring your appetite and your desire for change.


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